Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Good News! We're Being Bought By Americans!

More Citizens United fallout:

Cameron Casey wanted to invest a million dollars in the Romney campaign and why not? He and Mitt were both scions of Bain Capital, which specializes in enriching its members by selling off America. Having a President overseeing the process could net a solid return!

But those pesky campaign finance laws limited Mr. Casey to a few thousand dollars. No problem! He incorporated "W. Spann LLC", gave it a million bucks; W. Spann LLC gave that million to "Restore Our Future"; and, no longer needed, W. Spann LLC dissolved.

I don't mind the Aristocracy buying our government so much as I object to their being so obvious about it. Can't we have a little subtlety?

But at least we can take comfort in knowing Mr. Casey is an actual human being, and not an entity such as General Dynamics, and an American, not a Saudi or Chinese billionaire.

Although ... they may be next! Why not?

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