Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today: MITS, Roundtable and Raised Bed

This morning I drove to MITS and stocked books for a while; as usual our pass-ons to Once Sold Tales are stacked to the ceiling, making work difficult. But we persevere!
I left early for a noon meeting at WSBA for a Rountable on Military Families and Youth. It was quite interesting and I hope there will be a report for me to link to soon. I did some good networking, getting some good ideas and introducing a few people to each other who really needed to meet.
Since this was at WSBA, I drove Kris home (after a brief detour to Mercer Island - I was driving on autopilot LOL!) and, after a Marista meeting via gotomeeting and then a fine dinner of buffalo nachos, I started filling in the raised bed in the back. First there was a bit of cardboard from our recycling, to provide extra carbon, and a few dead branches, but mostly it was stuff from the compost heap, which has been turning to dirt nicely. I panted the one raspberry vine that had been still in a pot, and noticed out berries are beginning to fruit.
All-in-all a good day, but as usual, odd.

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