Monday, July 18, 2011

My Wheelchair is a Real Chair (Book Review)

This book describes for children what it is like to live using a wheel chair, and how to interact with someone who does. It uses Dr. Seuss-like verse and large pictures of dolls, one of whom is using a wheelchair, to show and tell people performing everyday actions such as school, playing "dress-up" with a friend or going to the park.
Often the verses contain useful hints, such as to ask before pushing the chair. Other pages have little wheelchair-specific content, emphasizing instead that people in wheelchairs do more-or-less everything. The last few pages invite the reader to draw pictures of what they and their wheelchair-using friends can do together.
This appears to be a very useful book for children with a schoolmate, neighbor or other potential friend who can use some help figuring out what to do. It's direct but not heavyhanded, and for this it deserves top marks!

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