Friday, July 29, 2011

Planted this week: Squash and Shiso!

This week I picked up a couple of squash from Village Green, to get a head start on the raised bed. Next year I'll plant from seed, but I'm loving the big floppy leaves already!
I also got a "Shiso", which is a sort of tall purple basel used (they say) in Japanese cooking. It's a nice contrast to the rest of our plants, most of which are green.
While I was at VG, a couple of firemen came by to look around, giving me the chance to photo their truck looming over my Saturn. The colors amused me.
Today (Friday) I went to the VA for the initial interview and blood draw from an Alzeihmer's study. I'm supposed to be a "normal control" but I suppose that'll depend on the results of the memory test.
I packed a whole lotta books at MITS, and there's a whole lotta lotta more to do. I'd like to get ahead in anticipation of a busy week next week but we'll see.

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