Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Comics: Brin's Picks

Contrary Brin
Word-of-mouth used to be the best way to share recommendations about (among other things) literature such as sequential art, a.k.a. comics, but even better is word-of-blog. I've never hear Science Fiction author and scientist David Brin speak, but I just picked up his recommendations in web comics, as published on his "Speculations on Science, Technology & The Future" blog.
About half of these I have already been reading - things like xkcd and Saturday Morning Brekfast Cereal - which leads me to believe that I might enjoy the other half of the list. What they have in common is an interest - chiefly humor - in science and technology, defined loosely. This makes some of them remarkably smart, while still funny. WE don't have Gary Larson to kick around anymore but a new generation has wrisen up, which is kinda reassuring!

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