Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#VoucherCare vs. My Marriage

Breast Cancer Walk, Seattle, 2010
Breast Cancer Walk in Seattle:
VoucherCare would punk
cancer survivors.
The impact on my marriage is the most important part of VoucherCare, the Republican Party's plan to privatize Medicare for people currently under 55.
You may know VoucherCare as Paul Ryan's budget plan, but it's now been accepted by the GOP in the House and Senate, and among all its major Presidential candidates, so it's no longer just Ryan's; it belongs to all Republicans.
I am currently 55 years of age and married to a younger woman. This means my pre-existing conditions are covered under VoucherCare, and hers won't be.
"Sorry about that, hon," I told her. "Be sure to live a healthy lifestyle because if the Republicans get their way, when you retire you'll be looking for health insurance on the private market, and they won't want to cover any preexisting conditions."
"Since your preexisting conditions will be covered," she replied sweetly. "Let's give you a few. We can start with your kneecaps. Where's my bat?"
Now, she doesn't HAVE a baseball bat, so I'm pretty sure she was just messin' with me. But she IS a dead shot with a 9mm, so when she gets out the key for the trigger lock, now THAT would be the time to start running.
But she did get me thinking. The Ryan/Republican plan promises to keep things as they are for us 55-year-olds, so we're not suppose to worry about its impact. But how many other marriages span the VoucherCare divide? Do these Ayn Ryan fans think that we care more for their ideology than we do for our marriages?
What about my brothers and sisters who are also younger than me - am I not supposed to care about what happens to them? If they have preexisting conditions, am I supposed to figure, well, let them find an insurer who will cover them? They can always sell their houses and eat cat food to cover their medical bills?
What about the children of 55-year-olds, or neices and nephews? What about fellow Americans - are we supposed to go, "Hey, tough on you - I'm an old geezer and I'm ok!"?
VoucherCare's attempt to split Americans by age is one of the most cynical and unAmerican things I'd ever heard of. Fortunately, it has zero chance of going anywhere (especially after NY-26), so long as us old geezers care about our younger wives, family and fellow Americans.
Otherwise, I might have to keep an eye on the key to the trigger lock!

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