Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day During Two And A Half Wars

Between Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya, we're in at least one full and three partial wars - call it two-and-a-half wars.

As Doonesbury reminds us, anyone who waxes sentimental on Memorial Day without working to end this situation is missing something important.
Have your picnics, wear your yellow ribbons, tell a veteran "thank you for your service" ... why not?
But don't fool yourself into thinking that you're doing anything, if you're not.

Here's something my legal professional friends can think about:

From the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Project website:

IF: you are an attorney interested in our program, we will provide you with:
  • A day-long training class on veterans' law issues.
  • When you accept a case referred from the Program, we will provide you with the following services:
    • A comprehensive analysis of the appellant's case as a guideline for the appeal;
    • Extensive legal research materials, including a CD-ROM with an on-line research capability;
    • A mentoring attorney to assist you in formulating your litigation strategy;
    • A case monitor, to ensure that no deadlines are overlooked during the appeals process; and
    • We will take your phone calls and we wll answer your questions.

      If you are interested in volunteering you must attend a day-long training.

      To find out more about future training dates, please visit or

      email us at

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