Saturday, April 16, 2011

Planted This Week...

Monday I planted four potatoes in the bed along the fence. They had sprouted over the winter so hopefully they'll do well in the ground. I like the bushy potato leaves too!

The potato bed by the fence

Tuesday's seed packets
(A photo is the easiest way
to remember their names!)

Tuesday I planted a few small bulbs I found in the bottom of the "Seeds" cannister, along with some snapdragons, in what I hope is the start of a parking-strip garden. It turns out to be pretty easy to break the sod with the mattock, although not really a fast process. I also planted some herbs in to flat pots (seed packets as shown).

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A few days later I planted a few more (per seed packets shown)
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Sunday I planted mixed flowers in a strip bed along the driveway. I wanted to make the bed bigger, but realized I was impacting one of the hawthorn's root systems. I'm not sure how durable those trees are, so instead of turning the entire planting strip into a flower bed, I think I will convert it slowly, over the course of several years. That should let the trees adapt.
The sod from the strip bed when into the side yard to elevate a low spot. I also moved a mint from the side bed (where last year's mint are growing like weed hooray!) into the duff garden under the big from pine tree. I'm not sure how the mint will do but it's a native so perhaps it'll be happy there. We won't use that mint's leaves in tea since it's very close to the driveway, but it'll look and smell nice!


Small Footprints said...

Oooh nice! I can't wait to have a garden this year ... makes me hungry to think about it! By the way ... did you have much success growing things indoors during the winter? My experiment didn't do well ... I got a very small amount of cilantro (like 4 leaves) and that's about it. In fairness, though, I keep my house so cold that any self-respecting plant would refuse to poke it's head out of the dirt. lol

Hope you'll update us from time to time with your gardening progress!

rewinn said...

Hi @Small Footprints! My indoor gardening worked out about the same as yours. I'm not sure what the issue is - maybe indoor light is just too weak? But I'll give it another try next year.
Right now I'm just very very excited that it's spring at last!