Friday, April 08, 2011

I Stand With Planned Parenthood!

Every couple of months, I stop by Planned Parenthood in Seattle. My wife prefers for me to drive, so we go there and I park in the lot. If the weather's bad, I go into the lobby and read the paper. If it's nice, I stay in the car, listen to the radio, and read the paper.
She does her thing. We pay up. Sometimes they mention something about a discount or something, but we prefer to let our insurance handle it and pay anything over ourselves, because we're not bad off. Let those who need it have the help.

Now the Republicans in Congress are attacking Planned Parenthood. They're threatening to shut down the US Federal Government unless $75 million in federal funding is pulled.

That's insane.

I do not approve of everything our government does, but I would not shut it down. That's just immature.

More to the point, I support Planned Parenthood. Maybe you can tell from my photo that I'm a guy, but don't think PP is only for the women. Now-a-days I don't need more education on STDs but PP is ready to help me if I do. PP helps me with my current birth control needs (thanks to my wife!), and it helps lots of people I know, and it helps lots of people I don't know.

(Call me crazy, but I care about people I don't know. It's not all about me, ya'know!)

But why listen to me, when you can have it explained by the lovely and intelligent Scarlett Johansson:

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