Friday, March 18, 2011

Nothing Is Better For Thee Than Me - A Lenten Carbon Fast Challenge

Today's Lenten Carbon Fast challenge: (thanks to my bloggy friend Small Footprints)
"Avoid buying products that have lots of packaging. About a third of the waste we generate is from packaging to get items to our homes. Choose loose products and buy refillable containers when possible (food co-ops and health food stores usually offer these options.)"
Quaker Oats box
Buy in bulk, then
Store at home in
These great boxes!
I love my morning oatmeal. Pour some flakes into a bowl, add some raisins or thinly sliced apple or what-have-you, then pour boiling water on it and stir - you're done! There is NO NEED to get pre-packaged "instant oatmeal"; hot water cooks the stuff all the same. All you are getting when you buy a box of prepackaged envelopes are a box and some envelopes to throw away. AND for this privilege you pay twice or more than I do. Why?
I get my oatmeal in bulk. A couple of years ago I bought a couple of boxes of oatmeal, in the traditional cardboard cylandar, and just saved the boxes. They are very durable, show no sign of wear, and look ready to serve us for many years to come. Such a deal!
Sometimes I my oats from Costco, sometimes I buy it from the Bulk Food aisle from my local grocer. If your grocer doesn't have a bulk food aisle, ask why - it's very popular, and grocers often like to get ideas from their customer!
I love the bulk food aisles because the prices are insanely great, there's always a new product I haven't seen before, and I can actually see the stuff before I buy it. If you haven't been in one lately, you may be amazed by the selection; it's not just dry powdered goods, but may also include almost anything, such as nuts, dried fruits, cookies and candy. If you live in a space so small that Costco's large boxes are not convenient, the bulk aisle is for you because you can buy very small quantities; you're not limited to the arbitrary sizes that manufacturers have picked for you. For added savings, you can save and reuse the little plastic bags you pour the bulk food into.
One of my earliest memories is of playing with a Quaker Oats Box; I've always loved their motto "Nothing Is Better For Thee Than Me"; isn't it funny that the same basic thing is still wonderful today?

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Small Footprints said...

I'm a firm believer in talking/writing to people "in charge" and asking them to make green changes. To my own surprise, they listen and more often than not, they try to accommodate me.

Great post! Thanks, Rewinn! :-)