Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Pro-State Conspiracy!

As a man attaining a certain age, I am being bombarded with warnings about a creeping menace: the Pro-state Gland.

Look at the name, folks: PRO STATE.

It is the organ that is IN FAVOR OF BIG GOVERNMENT!

It is the COMMUNIST gland that grows until it destroys your manhood!!

Women are naturally IMMUNE to the GROWING CONSPIRACY found in this low-lodged lump of SOCIALISM; is it any wonder that Communist leaders such as Marx, Stalin, Mao and Kim Jong Il were all MEN?

What is the answer? Is a strategic campaign of deploying saw palmetto enough to combat the MARXISM EMBEDDED in our GUTS?!?!?!? Or must we settle for PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE and an uneasy DETENTE?

Men: we must deal with menace, or it will get us IN THE END!

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