Monday, December 20, 2010

Reflect on this year’s accomplishments: Tip of the Week

My internet friend Irene Thorton's Law Practice Tip of the Week could apply to anybody:
"Reflect on this year’s accomplishments

Before making goals for next year, stop and appreciate the many things you accomplished this year. Give yourself the satisfaction of savoring or relishing what went well this year. You’ll feel good for doing so and likely identify some ideas for next year’s goals.

How quickly can you come up with a 100 accomplishments?"

A quiet holiday moment
as enforced by Mother Nature,
Seattle, Dec 21, 2008

This might be a fun thing to do in a quiet holiday moment. Of course, I might have to find a quiet holiday moment first.

My chiropractor friend Dr. Huck once told me that the moderate benefits to health accruing from having one beer a day could be attributed, not to simple biochemical factors, but to the act of stopping and taking time to enenjoy a beer. Perhaps, likewise, one big benefit of stopping and taking time to think of 100 accomplishments for the year would be just taking the time.

I'll try it. I promise. Just as soon as I find a moment!

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