Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Traditions in Scandanavia, as Explained by Humon

First the comic, then the explanation:

"Christmas Traditions" from humoncomics


Humon runs several comics on her site Scandanavia and the World. The one shown above is from the epynomous comic, in which the Spirits of countries interact. She explains:
"The boys are here dressed as a horrifying mix of various Scandinavian Christmas traditions.

The goat costumes are from the Christmas billy-goat. It’s the oldest Christmas tradition in Scandinavia, and most likely predates Christianity, and is therefore a heathen tradition that was simply absorbed by the new religion in these parts of the world. Usually it’s made of straw [link] but in some families people even dress up as it.

The candles are from Santa Lucia procession [link] A Swedish tradition that has spread to the rest of Scandinavia, though it remains most popular in Sweden where girls from all over the country compete to become the Lucia of the year.

And finally the flags as decoration on the tree is a Danish tradition that started during the Nazi’s time in Denmark where the Danes weren’t allowed to use their flag, and therefore used it as a Christmas decoration. This later spread to the rest of Scandinavia."
Interestingly, Humon publishes 3 different comics on her site, so if Scandanavia doesn't interest you, perhaps you'll enjoy Love and Tentacles; learn more here. Happy holidays!

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