Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tinkers And Comics And Brin, Oh My!

David Brin writes:
"What if America lost its knack for making things? Manufacturing is the root that all other projects sprout from... even the arts! In a new graphic novel - TINKERERS - famed author David Brin combines art with a guided tour of history and tech, exploring how to win back the knack!

I kid you not! I was asked by a major metals industry group to create a comic book set in 20 years, that discusses the many reasons for US industrial decline... and how it might come back. A low-res preview edition is available online (if you'll spread the word!)

Physical copies will be available soon from Amazon. I cover the whole range. Comments are welcome...

Tinkerers has its own Facebook page! "
I'm interested in the concepts behind Tinkerers, and I think it has a very important messages. The most important may be that things aren't simple; there are many explanations and no single villain, but none-the-less the problem is real and needs to be addressed - even if the subject of economic policy is not as exciting as video games.

It's worth your time reading through the version on the internet; it's not as exciting as your average manga, but it is a quick read, and full of stuff that should make you go huh! Let me know what you think!

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