Sunday, November 28, 2010

From the Garden: You Can Beet This!

Today I harvested our beets and was quite pleased with the results. We'd started with a small pot of beet starts from Village Green, and planted them rather too close to the tomatoes (in general, I planted everything too closely this year - I'd expected at least half of everything to die off, and that didn't happen) so they were heavily shaded most of the growing season. Still, the beets put out a lot of leaves so I had hopes for some greens anyway.
It turns out the roots had grown as well, enough to be the foundation of a nice soup. We added various other roots, plus bressels sprouts, to make hearty winter vegetarian chow!

We'll definitely half to plant more beets next year; they were very little work and made some satisfying food despite the crowding. The green-and-purple plants are also quite attractive!

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mudball said...

We had a bumper crop of beets, and dried and froze a lot of them. They grow, by the well, real well from seed. Mudball