Saturday, November 20, 2010

Espresso Stout Vanilla Float at Full Tilt!

This evening we stopped by Full Tilt in White Center. While pondering which of the dozen delectable ice creams to try, we noticed one of their taps (...yes, this is an ice cream parlor that serves locally-made beer...) was Two Beers Espresso Stout.

We ordered an Espresso Stout Vanilla Float.


This is what good little lattes become after they die and go to heaven.
Two Beers Brewing, Seattle WA!

This combination is highly, HIGHLY recommended! It has ALL the important food groups: ice cream, coffee AND beer!!

It is deeply satisfying; the stout is full-bodied, with a little espresso zip all carried by the milky goodness of the top-rank ice cream.

The only downside is that henceforth every milkshake and every latte will seem thin and lacking.  Be warned!

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Small Footprints said...

Well ... Seattle has always been the leader in espresso and micro-breweries ... no surprise that they have kicked it up a notch. Sounds totally yummy! I may have to search it out when we next visit Seattle! :)