Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bag It, Bread It and Blog It!

A couple of shopping bags always lie under the passenger seat of our car, one holding a couple of plastic bags. This is a very easy way to be environmentally responsible at essentially zero cost. Every time we use these bags, we reduce the need to manufacture disposable bags, and to dispose of them afterwards. It costs us less than nothing to do this, because many stores give us a nickel off for each bag we bring in and use.  It's not fantastic wealth but why not go for it?  Our ancestors would call it "frugality" and engineers would call it "efficiency"; I just call it "common sense".

We keep the bags under the seat ever since our car was prowled. I don't think there was anything worth stealing in my car but thieves are not always picky; after all, it's not their stuff their stealing. On the plus side, using the underseat helps keep the car looking neat!

One thing about keeping a stock of bags is that many of them have backstories. For example, "Old Blue" is a cloth bag I inherited from an apartment more than 10 years ago that has been with us on so many adventures that it deserves its own Hallmark Special: "If This Bag Could Talk!" It's now enjoying an active retirement hanging in the back closet holding the young 'un bags (and perhaps giving them tips).
Our current active bag (pictured) was a give-a-way from Dave's Killer Bread. The bread is excellent, and the backstory is too: Dave was a four-time loser who was getting too old to enjoy his time in jail, so he resolved to try another line of work. It turns out his bread is extremely tasty ... here's the story:

...all this, and the dkb bag is cool too!

Today's blogpost is inspired by this week's Change The World Wednesday challenge:
"For the entire week (yep, the whole week), refuse plastic bags at the store or anywhere else where they are offered. One whole week ... 7 days ... no plastic bags."
It was easy to meet this challenge now that we're in the habit of carrying our own; I hope blogging about this may encourage a few more people to try bagging it!

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Small Footprints said...

As usual ... I adore your posts! Wow ... love the history behind your bags ... and can totally imagine Old Blue giving tips to the youngins! :)

And Dave's story ... amazing! Truly inspiring!

Thanks, Rewinn!