Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Trucking in the Garden

The satisfaction you can get from raising some of your own food on your bit of earth is a little like sex. You really can't describe it in words; you can only urge people to find their own way to experience it.

You cannot measure its value in commercial terms. Often the preliminaries involve a little shopping, a little cash outlay, and a great deal of time spent finding the right location, experimenting with different approaches, facing rejection.

But the payoff: ah! The process of getting there is spiritually rewarding, and as physically challenging as you wish to make it. Some are in a hurry, and even seek chemical aids for more of a rush, but I think it's better to take it slow and easy.

It is a subject worthy of endless study. In youth, you think you know it all, and that's o.k.  There's years of practice with which to hone your technique.

Pay no mind to the bland,uniform perfections pitched to you on television, the products of science and artiface; the real thing bears the blemishes of being real, the imperfections of the soil and is all the sweeter for having been moved by your hand alone.

It's best with a partner, but you can do it alone.

I'm talking about a growing a salad. What were you thinking of?

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