Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Make July 4 Food Independence Day

Self-reliance and support for our great nation, even at a slight financial sacrifice, would be a great theme for Independence Day this year.

Don't just celebrate your independence this summer: SAVOR it!

July 4th only comes once a year, but every day can be Food Independence Day if you grow some of your own food and support local food producers and growers in your area.

Local foods are patriotic, whether you’re buying them from producers in your area or growing some of your own. They’re good for our local farmers, our economies, our health, and that of the planet. Best of all, they taste great because they’re fresh from the soil.

Food Independence Day is being coordinated by the nonprofit group Kitchen Gardeners International in partnership with the IATP Food and Society Fellows program.

We’re asking our nation’s first families not only to lead by example but to eat by example by sourcing their meals as locally, deliciously, and sustainably as possible.

I'm lucky. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we can have salmon burgers on the 4th and they are tasty! But every part of our country has its local food to chow down on ... patriotically!

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