Thursday, May 27, 2010

Impromptu McCord: the Cat Who Walked In

Literally walking into our life, Impromptu McCord ("Imp") was looking around our backyard 2 weeks ago as we chatted with a couple of friends. Mother-in-Law called, and she came running, mioawing constantly. She ate a can of tuna almost as fast as I can type this.

No tag or collar; a trip to the vet confirmed she wasn't chipped; no signs up in the neighborhood or entry on the West Seattle Lost Pets so she's ours!

Or, technically, we're hers. If you have cats, you know how it is!

She's got her adult teeth but they aren't at all worn, so she's 6-to-8 months old. We assigned Halloween as her birthday and gave her the position of Chief Moral Officer and Bug Chaser.

So far it's working out well!

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