Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shower Power: Why You Should Share!

shower head
In honor of Earth Day: I have always laughed at the idea of sharing showers with my partner - c'mon, haven't you snickered too? - but once we started, it made so much sense that, more than half a decade later, I can attest:
  • It's Good For The Planet: You save a lot of water because you can soap up while your partner rinses off, and vice versa.
  • It's Good For Your Wallet: Saving water saves money. 'Nuf said!
  • It's Good For Your Relationship: There are so many ways that showering together every day is good for you together! First and most important, it's easy stupid fun. You don't need to buy anything or go anywhere; you just do it. But it's is also structured down time, a time to chat about nothing in particular; and if you're not in the mood you don't have to talk much because when there's water pounding on your head, just saying, "How'd you sleep last night?" sounds profound. If conversation flags, you can always ask about the new soap, scrub, wash, rinse or conditioner that your wife has picked up. Whatever you talk about, you simply cannot fight when you're soaking wet and depending on the other person to maintain your balance, but you can be reminded as to why you don't really want to fight. You can also check each other for changes in the moles on your back and do other health-related things. Most of all, you are practicing the habit of admiring each other for a couple of minutes each day, and that's gotta be good!
It may be awkward at first practicing how to maneuver at such close quarters in a slippery-wet environment but just take it slow and you'll soon be as agile as teenagers on prom night!

Or as clumsy. Remember, practice safe showering!

This post is in response to last week's "Change The World Wednesday" challenge
"This week, cut the number of showers you take in half. If you take a shower daily, try taking one every other day instead. Whatever the number of showers you take in a given week, cut it in half. Warning ... accepting this challenge may negatively affect any social functions or gatherings ... but will save water. :)"
While I can't cut back to a semi-daily shower schedule due to my level of physical activity, sharing showers effectively halves the number we take at home or travelling.

And ... just talking about the idea still makes me laugh!

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