Sunday, March 07, 2010

Planted This Week - Ending March 7, 2010

This week our order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds arrived, and man there was a lot! I started some in cardboard pots (mostly box lids with a layer of leaves covered with soil). Yes, I know that normally this is way too early to start seedlings, but I have to learn somehow; I'm hoping to get a head start during this early spring. If we get a cold snap, they take up little enough space that I can bring them indoors.

I planted:
Some of these are parked under my "Hillbilly Hothouses" a.k.a. translucent tubs that were surplussed because the lids were busted. For next year, I hope to have a more formal hothousing solution but this has worked o.k. so far. The rest of the seeded boxes are in the garden shed, where they get a little sun through the skylight, but are very protected from the weather.

Earlier this week, I put in more vinca. Man, there's a lot of individual plants in that bunch!  I still have leftovers to give away, if I can find someone to take them. Some of them seem to be quite happy among the boulders and even flowering; some are sulking, mostly in the places that get less light.

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