Monday, March 08, 2010

Borrowing Trouble

Today my friend Al offered to lend me the T-shaped tool you use to turn a house's outside water valve on and off, which I needed so the assessor could complete checking out the house my wife & I are buying. I'm grateful for the loan, but the last time I borrowed something ...
... our friends Ken and Crystal were playing a CD from "Six Feet Under" which Kris & I enjoyed well enough, so they suggested we borrow it.

Months later, Ken asks casually about getting his CD back. Oh yeah, that. We'll get right on it. Thanks for the loan!

I looked all over. No CD. The most likely explanation is that it got mixed in with all the other CDs and purged in one of our fits of downsizing. Maybe it had been donated to our favorite thrift store, maybe it went to Half Price Books - whereever it was, it wasn't here anymore.

No problem - that's why they make music stores! A quick trip and we had a new CD. I removed the shrinkwrap so our maneuver would not be TOO obvious, and the disk was swiftly returned.

Next day, a brief conversation:

"That Six Feet Under CD?"

"Yes, thanks for the loan!"

"The one you returned?"

"Uhm, yeah. It was ok, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, it's like new. But it's the 1st season. We lent you the 2nd Season."

... I thanked Al for the loan. A job really is easier with the right tool, but the first thing I did was to write his name on a sticker, and stuck it on the handle.

As Kris says, "If you can't be a good example, you can at least be a horrible warning!"


Maurie Kirschner said...

LMAO! I LOVE Kris' saying! I am sooo going to quote her! Great story, Randy! Does this mean the house sale went through?

rewinn said...

Hi Maurie! The sale is close ... very close ... but not complete. Many chances for a slip await, but at least we're moving ahead. I confidently expect resolution before April 5 when a new short sale program goes into effect according to yesterday's Seattle Times

Wish us luck!