Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cabbage Leaves Replace Aluminum Foil in Cooking Salmon

Cabbage leaves covered Salmon for baking

Trying to minimize the aluminum foil we use in cooking, my lovely wife tried Savoy Cabbage leaves for covering a 3-pound salmon baked in a pyrex dish, with a few chopped veggies.

It worked! It worked great! The salmon was tender, tasty and perfect.

In the photo, the leaves may be a funny shade of brown but remember, we weren't planning to eat them (we don't eat the foil after all). I'll probably toss them in the crock pot anyway.

This is only a minor savings, but every little bit helps. We can grow cabbage a lot easier than we can mine and refine aluminum!

Previously, we cut out using aluminum to edge piecrusts by getting a pie ring: Pie for the Apple of Your Eye

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Godless said...

That's interesting that you can replace the foil with leaves. I just recently saw an article on ways to reuse your aluminum foil that you might be interested in.