Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bush v. Gore 2009: The Free Market Has Ruled

If the Free Market represents the combined judgement of hundreds of millions as to the quality of a product, let us compare and contrast the cases of Al Gore and of George W Bush.

Al Gore

  • Commands a speaking fee of a hundred thousand dollars per speech, although he often waives it
  • Wrote multiple best-selling books
  • Created one of the best-selling documentary movies of all time
  • Just came out with another best-selling book (in Amazon's top 100 overall sellers in its first day!)Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis
  • Made anther $100,000 or more by winning the Nobel Prize
  • Between one thing and another, is on track to becoming a billionaire, not by being born wealthy (although his family was pretty well off) but by figuring out what people wanted or needed.

George W Bush

  • Born rich, the son of a rich guy who was, himself, the son of rich guy
  • Once he now longer had the power of the Oval Office to make it worth your while to give him money, no school, university or other organization in our United States is willing to pay him to give a speech :-(
  • But wait, all is not lost! George W Bush, once the most powerful man on the planet, is becoming a motivational speaker. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!
  •  Peter and Tamara Lowe have hired him to come onstage in  a program featuring pyrotechnics, special effects and many other speakers!
  • For $19.95, you could hear George W Bush impart his wisdom!
  • But wait, there's more! Your ticket gets you a speech not only with Bush, but with an entire STAGE of motivational speakers.
  • Is that not enough? Well, your ticket admitted not only you, but everyone in your office! 
  • And if that's not enough: ticket were available FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY for only $4.95 per individual!
THAT'S RIGHT! See the former LEADER of the FREE WORLD ... plus COLIN POWELL ... plus RUDY GUILIANI ... and  many OTHER speakers ... for LESS than the price of a BOWL of NOODLES and a CAN of COKE!

His first performance had up to 11,000 people in the audience - representing about $55,000 to cover expenses and be split among the many speakers.

The Market Has Ruled

The market represents the considered choices of hundreds of millions of people, and the choice is clear:
  • Gore: Rules
  • Bush: Drools. On his bib.


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