Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Social Media in One Hour

Our goal is to set up a use social media environment in one hour.
  • Pick a brand name. This is some text to appear on all your communications so that they may be aggregated. For example: rewinn, 4freeCLE. Be sure that this does not occur elsewhere on the net; if your initials are USA, IBM or SNAFU, you'd best try something else. I picked "prototypebar"
  • Set up a blog with your brand name, e.g. http://4freecle.blogspot.com/ . I set up http://prototypebar.blogspot.com/
  • Set up a twitter with your brand name, http://twitter.com/4freeCLE ( http://twitter.com/aacf ) ( I set up prototypebar)
  • Link the blog to the twitter using twitterlink. (This took me half an hour because I can never remember my twitterfeed fu. I had to read the help page ... again!)
Now, once a day, post a press release to your blog.
  • Monday: We start the week with 132 open files. We need 4 attorneys to help out. To volunteer, contact xxxx@brandname.org
  • Tuesday: NEEDED: Emergency need for a family law attorney in Skamania County. Please call 425-999-9999 if you can help.
  • Wednesday: Training next month for volunteer attorneys. 1 CLE approved. To register, see link.
  • Thursday: FILLED: emergency need for family law attorney in Skamania County. Thank you! STILL NEEDED: creditor/debtor attorney Chelan/Douglas County - could be done by fax & telephone. Please call 425-999-9999
  • Friday: This week we closed 12 client files successfully. We opened 14. To volunteer, contact xxxxx@brandname.org
  • Monday & Friday are "canned remarks", needing changes only to the numbers.
  • Wednesday is a repeating message; just change the date when your training date changes.
  • Only Tuesday/Thursday require original work and they're very brief statements of your urgent needs.
  • Twitterfeed will forward your press release to your twitter
  • For business purposes, short is better.
  • Now when you recruit, you have an online, easily seen, datestamped record of accomplishment to include with all your recruiting materials.
2nd Level - Manage Via Email

Advanced Course:
  • Set up an email box with your brand name in the major mail services: gmail, yahoo, hotmail ... and of course, your own domain.
  • In your leisure time, you can route email from those mailboxes to your preferred mail delivery system.
  • Set up a listserve with your brand name, e.g. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/4freeCLE/ When you send out a press release, send it to the listserve. Some people just prefer lists, that's all there is to it.

Link to it periodically on your blog etc.

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