Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beck’s home town says NO to his hate speech.

Mount Vernon, Washington State, childhood home of HATEtriot Glenn Beck, has a mayor who thought he’d get some good press by giving Beck the Key to the City.

What he got was a City Council that voted 7-0 to say no, they don’t want anything to do with hate talk:
“Mount Vernon City Council is in no way sponsoring the Mayor’s event on Sept. 26, 2009, and is not connected to the Glenn Beck event in any manner.”

--- "Mount Vernon council shies away from Beck honor", AP
This is great news!

Mount Vernon is a nice, all-American small town. Its main industries are agriculture, with a sideline as a bedroom community and a very nice brewery-pub, the Skagit River Brewery. The annual Tulip Festival is a lot of fun, but you have to go early in the day because it's also very popular.

When I heard Mount Vernon was going to give an award to Hate Talker Glenn Beck, I was disappointed and considered boycotting the town, but thanks to the Town Council, I now feel OBLIGED to go. Thanks folks!
Beck and the mayor are still getting together at a private function, where the press is excluded and there are no ticket available for anyone else. They're just wimps, afraid of what We The People might say if we were allowed in.


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