Friday, July 10, 2009

The Health Care Crisis: Letters from the Real World

Here's a free book you'll want to download:
"Sen. Sanders has put out a booklet of stories from around the country about health-care coverage woes, The Burlington Free Press reported.
"It is my intention to read some of these letters on the floor of the Senate. Every American needs to hear what's going on with health care in this country," Sanders said."
I can speak to the crisis from personal experience. I was part-way through a series of medically necessary orthodontia treatments when my job went away. Continuing health insurance was extremely expensive so I halted the treatments partway done. I had wires glued to my teeth for several years until I got medical coverage again, and the treatment completed. I was lucky; others are not so lucky.

Need more facts? Most bankruptcies in America are due to health bills ... even though most people in bankruptcy have what we laughingly call "health insurance".

It's time for a health care system like Canada's. My Canadian uncles all agree theirs works; ours does not.

If you need more stories, get the booklet. And call your Congresscritters!

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