Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Give Yourself The Gift of Space

Everything takes up space. I am told that Wolfgang Pauli explained why this is but I don't understand the explanation; still, it's a basic fact that has consequences.

If you rent, you pay rent on that space. If you own your house, you still pay your mortgage or maintenance costs on the space.

When you give away stuff, there's an empty space left where the stuff used to be. Think of it as a gift to yourself!

Many people urge us to give stuff away:
I suggest: do it for yourself! Give yourself the gift of space!

I looked around my place, and tried to think of about everything there in terms of the rent I paid to keep it. Figuring I pay $1 a month for each square foot, a couple of bar chairs I never sat on, that occupied a 2 foot by 3 foot space (about 6 square feet), cost me $72 a year just to keep and never use!

There was no way that those chairs worth paying $72 a year! Knowing that, it was much easier to give them away to a thrift store.

Dare you try looking around and giving yourself The Gift Of Space?

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