Monday, June 29, 2009

Box Beats Bag!

Let a simple cardboard box replace your grocery bags easily, cheaply and environmentally responsibly.

We all know that plastic shopping bags are an annoying waste, difficult to recycle and expensive, although convenient. Paper shopping bags may be marginally better; at least they're easily recyclable. Better still are reusable bags, made of cotton or some other material. Figuring out the best ways to promote and use these are a hot topic, as, for example, in my blogBuddy SmallFootprints' most recent "Change the World Wednesday" challenge: The Plastic Bag Challenge.

But let me suggest another choice: the humble yet incredible useful cardboard box:

Now, I have and re-use many cotton bags. Over time, they acquire personality; "Ol' Blue" is more than 10 years old and, while slightly faded, still has a lot of use left (kinda like a lot of us!)

But when it comes to serious grocery shopping, I now prefer the humble "Banker's Box". These easily folded cardboard boxes are designed to fit 18 inches of standard sized paper files, which makes them carry about the same as 2 standard grocery bags. They fits nicely into shopping carts and the back seat of cars. Their handles are strong and they don't flop over when you drive.

You should get them for free, as people discard them all the time; they're very reusable and recyclable. I just keep a couple in the car; new uses come up all the time, e.g. quickly organizing various items to be dropped off at different locations. Give them a try!

As with bags, my favorite stores give a small rebate when I bring in my box, so ... as is so often true ... Going Green Means Saving Green!

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Small Footprints said...

Excellent ... we get so caught up with reusable bags that we sometimes forget that boxes are plentiful and work great. The "banker's box" is an excellent idea. Also, most grocery stores now make boxes available for free ... our store has a ton of their brand boxes ... all about the same size as the banker's box and with durable handles. We not only use them for groceries when I forget a bag, we use them for all kinds of things in the house (storage ... even furniture).

Wonderful post. Be sure to stop by tomorrow ... another challenge is on the way. :)

Small Footprints