Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garlic Zilla!

Behold! A garlic grown so large it spans the four-seat table on our patio!

A garlic so powerful it gives all who eat it Deadly Atomic Breath!

And ... a garlic so cheap and easy (and cheap) to plant and harvest in a tiny, tiny space: just a pot of dirt it shared with several other plants!

As I blogged earlier, I simply bought ONE garlic, split it into its TWELVE constituent cloves, pushed them into the dirt, and called it a day. Sunshine, water and biology did the rest!

The test of course is actually eating the thing. I chopped up the first fruit of my garlic experiment with some tomatoes (store-bought), and chives & cilantro (also from my patio pot garden. They were just as easy to grow as the garlic.) The result: Holy Cow!

I had been disappointed because the garlic had not grown into the massive bulb I saw in the store. But what I didn't realize, but soon discovered, was that this garlic was growing, not for show, but for dough. It was so powerful I had to cry, and I don't mean from emotion. The greens alone were as strong as the bulb of an ordinary, store-bought garlic.

I can highly recommend garlic for lazy-man's-gardening, but BE WARNED: check with your wife before consuming!

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