Monday, May 18, 2009

Disbar Torture Enthusiasts

The practice of law is a privilege, not a right. No profession has no room for torturers, and especially not the practice of law.

It is therefore refreshing that the disbarment of torture enthusiasts are being requested. You can join the effort at

If you're into social media, digg it here and submit the site to the usual networking facilities.
Our corporate media is full of torture fans who argue against prosecuting torture lawyers on the specious grounds that they were only offering legal advice, or only following orders. This argument has no merit; to the contrary, every lawyer has an ethical duty not to assist torture with specious work-product. Under no circumstances do either the Model Code of Ethics or the Model Rules of Ethics (every American state incorporates one or the other) require an attorney to assist a client in the commission of a future crime.

This point is often misunderstood by non-lawyers, especially writers of television dramas & movies who need plot points more than accuracy.

A lawyer's duty to the client includes zealous defense of past acts, so that the Government must stay withn the rules that We The People have set up.

However, it is completely unethical knowingly to assist in the commission of FUTURE crimes. This includes inventing justifications for crimes of violence, such as assault, battery, kidnapping, rape, torture and murder.

If a lawyer is asked to participate in a conspiracy to commit a crime of violence, in which the attorney's work product will be used to urge underlings to carry out the violent act, then the lawyer's work is an instrumentality of crime for the provision of which the lawyer can and must be prosecuted, just as can any other co-conspirator.

None of these are novel legal concepts; however, they arise in a new context when, as now, lawyers have been sufficiently evil to join a conspiracy to commit crimes of violence. Don't be fooled by the defenders of torture.

But you may enjoy the delicious irony of the perverts who enjoyed ordering torture, against all law and civilized behavior, now seeking to cover themselves with the same law they shredded.
This is a time to be counted. Are you with torturers or against them?


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