Wednesday, April 01, 2009

D20 Protestors Rampage In London!

A small number of D20 gamers protested corporate domination of entertainment at a central London food court after rolling for initiative and making their evasion check.
Hundreds of shoppers looked on stunned as the protesters deployed gaming equipment including lovingly-detailed figurines and hundreds of dice. Riot police wielding batons managed to force the geeked-out crowds back, as the gamers ran a homebrewed adventuring module.

The gamers' simulated rampage will raise questions about the effectiveness of Chaotic Evil as a viable ideology for world domination. The dungeon was known to be a target of Good-Aligned forces in advance of the gaming sessions, but the efforts of defenders had concentrated on stabbing each other in the back and making sacrifices to chancey deities of uncertain humour. Twenty-three non-player characters were dispatched as party clashed with orcs and an evil high priest bent on world domination.

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