Saturday, August 16, 2008

Philadelphia Chickens - Book of the Week!

This is the perfect gift for a favorite young niece or nephew!

You know Sandra Boynton's delightful cartoon animals; now she's worked with Michael Ford to create a musical in a book, featuring over a dozen show tunes. Adults can enjoy the music, recognizing perhaps the gentle fun it pokes at adult types; children will just like the singing animals ... if you can pry the book out of their hands to get at the CD.
Perhaps the most important point for parents is that the music is fun and not annoying! Got it? You can actually enjoy the music, which is important because you will be hearing it over and over ... you might actually choose to play the CD and find yourself singing along:
  • The Seldom Herd sings Cows
  • Meryl Streep sings Nobody Understands Me
  • The Bacon Brothers sing Philadelphia Chickens
  • Keith Boynton sings Be Like a Duck
  • Laura Linney sings Please, Can I Keep It
  • Eric Stoltz sings Snuggle Puppy
  • Patti LuPone sings I Like to Fuss
  • The Bacon Brothers sing Snoozers
  • Caitlin McEwan sings Faraway Cookies
  • John Stey sings Fifteen Animals
  • The Heath Sisters sing Belly Button (round)
  • Kevin Kline sings Busybusybusy ( favorite ... if you've ever wasted too much time working in an office, you'll know why ...)
  • Michael Ford sings Those Dinosaur Bones
  • Darcy Boynton chants Dinosaur, Dinosaur
  • Beth Andrien sings Jump Rope Jive
  • Scott Bakula sings Pig Island
  • Adam Bryant sings Pajama Time
  • Natasha Richardson sings Silly Lullaby
  • Aaaardvarks (Mark Linn-Baker, Joe Grifasi, Michael Gross & Devin McEwan) sing The Intermission Song

The book includes drawings, lyrics and musical notation. You should buy this new, but if you get it used, be sure to confirm in advance that it has the CD. It's a fine book in itself but you'll want to enjoy the show tunes!

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