Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Could I Handle the Truth? My First Job as a Lawyer in the Marine Corps

Not me, that is, but Michael J. Bond, writing in June 2008 Washington State Bar News:
"In a gentler era, we were known as "attorneys and counselors." But when I graduated from law school at Gonzaga University in 1978, I don't recall having spent any class time learning about the counseling part of the profession. I quickly learned all about it, though, in my first job as a lawyer: as a judge advocate with the United States Marine Corps.

My first clients were young, scared recruits with second thoughts about their enlistment. In working with them, I discovered that while winning a big case is great fun, helping people navigate life's troubles can be even more rewarding. I later moved to the prosecution side and learned another important lesson.

I once found myself embroiled in an ethically challenging case, eerily similar to the one portrayed in the Jack Nicholson/Tom Cruise movie A Few Good Men. From that experience I learned that the appearance of justice is as important as justice itself. Let me explain...."
Continued in Washington State Bar News
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