Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama Says Sky Is Blue; Pundits Denounce Blunder

MSM - In a major campaign blunder, Senator Barack Obama stated today that the sky is blue.

"This proves his elitist insensitivity," reported correspondent Karl Rove "There were clouds over many parts of America today, including states the Democrats need to win in November. He completely ignored millions of Americans."

"This shows Obama is out of touch," added Fox News Inventor Bill O'Reilly. "What are blind people supposed to think? Obama doesn't care whether they can see the sky? What about coal miners who work from dawn to dusk? And people working the nightshift? All these demographics were attacked today, and Obama must apologize to them or pay the price."

Some defended Obama's remark. "Many Americans see blue skies only on television," noted one scientist. "When you must work two or even three jobs to feed your family, you haven't much time to look up. So it may be a surprise to many that, in fact, the sky can be blue at times."

But the vast majority of pundits determined that this was a major error. "If Obama keeps talking crazy like that," explained White House News Plant Tony Snow, "What will he say next? That we need to leave Iraq?"

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