Sunday, April 20, 2008

Microsoft Announces Run-For-Office Pro

Redmond, WA - Run For Office Pro is Microsoft Corporation's new product aimed at the growing political campaign market.

Run For Office Pro
provides everything a candidate needs to succeed:
  • Talking Points Generator: With Bluetooth earpiece for instant verbal regurgitation!
  • Media Manipulator Pro: Automatically rewards message-compliant reporters!
  • Anti-Investigator Firewall: Blocks unwelcome research into arrest records, lobbyist money, and more!
  • MS Money For Lobbyists: With advanced stealth favors capability!

Run For Office
is offered at a convenient variety of pricepoints:
  • Run For Office (House of Representatives): $10 Million per seat.
  • Run For Office (Senate): $100 Million per seat.
  • Run For Office (Presidency): $1 Billion and up.

  • Prices quoted are guaranteed to increase.
  • Run For Office Pro is not compatible with Democracy Classic.

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