Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dice Wars

Dice Wars is single-player browser strategy game created by GameDesign. In it, players fight for world domination "rolling" dice which represent units. The game looks much like Risk; however several differences in rules make for a different playing experience. You can play it at

  • At the beginning of the game, territories are divided up randomly between the player and up to 7 computer-controlled opponents, and a random turn sequence is determined.
  • Each territory has a number of six-sided dice belonging to one of the players.
  • Each turn, a play may win opposing territory by attacking from an adjacent territory that has at least two of that player's dice on it. The number of dice on the attacking territory are rolled and compared to the dice rolled from the defending territory. If the defender's result is equal to or greater than the attacker's result, the attack is successfully repelled and only one die is left on the attacking territory. If the attack is successful, all but one of the dice are moved from the attacking territory to the newly-won territory. A player may launch any number of attacks in any sequence (but must stop when none of that player's territories have more than one die).
  • At the end of each player's turn, reinforcement dice are added to the player's territories. The number of reinforcements is equal to the maximum number of contiguous territories held. The distribution of the reinforcements is random, and not controlled by the play.
  • No territory may have more than eight dice. If there is more contiguous territories held than available places to fit in reinforcements, the surplus is carried over to the next turn.

  • The reinforcement rules impact strategy in a way that makes this game very different from Risk. Isolated territories may at times be a disadvantage, in that they do not contribute to the number of reinforcements gained, but may absorb reinforcements. Cutting an enemy's contiguous terratories to minimize future reinforcement may be useful.
  • Because there is no way to move forces except through attack, large forces may be trapped in territories unable to be used because they are not adjacent to enemies. This can affect strategy.
  • After cutting the dominant opponent's territory, you might leave at least one of that opponent's isolated territories unattacked, even if it is weak. Instead, focus attacks on the largest contiguous area. The isolated territory will drain enemy reserves and resources, effectively weakening the primary enemy territories. It may be advantageous to allow the enemy to win attacks into your territory, to create opportunity to cut and isolate enemy territory, or to bring the combat front to a group of you own strong but isolated forces.

  • Dice Wars is Browser game coded using Adobe Flash.
  • There is a multiplayer spin-off call KDice
  • This article started as a wikipedia page. I editted it heavily until it was deleted due to an RfD. Any of the above that is not my own work is Fair Use of discarded material, per wikipedia's rules.

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