Friday, March 21, 2008

Calcium Coffee

Objective:Cut waste.

  • I generate roughly 1 eggshell a day, which goes into the trash.
  • I grind coffeebeans each morning (we use the French Press method - yum!)
  • I put the coffeegrounds go into the soil I'm building in a container garden
  • I wish to avoid more work

Solution: Drop the morning eggshell in the morning coffee beans before grinding.

  • Coffee taste doesn't change noticeably (you will recall that camp coffee is often made with an eggshell in it ... I was told as a child it helped control boiling-over, but who knows if this wasn't just an adult joke?)
  • I speculate that there may be a slight enrichment in the coffee's calcium content; this would be a plus since about the only noncheese dairy I consume is the cream in the coffee anyway
  • Grind time does not increase appreciably
  • My soil amendment is a little better.

Evaluation: A success, however small, is still a success!

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