Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election 2008: The New Mod Squad

The 2008 Elections have given birth to a new TV Series: The New Mod Squad!

The original Mod Squad was a police drama produced by Aaron Spelling, featuring three young, hip, crime fighters in a multicultural society. Its catchphrase was "One Black, One White and One Blonde"

The New Mod Squad, produced by Rupert Murdoch, has updated this to "One Black, One Blonde, and One Grumpy Old Man".

In the first episode of the New Mod Squad, Hilary searches for her soul and is captured by the DLC. Obama pursues her throughout the Red States, leading to a dramatic finish when McCain bombs the entire Middle East.

As the ending credits run, the trio sing their theme song

"We are all different,"
"But do not let that trouble you
"For we have one thing in common,"
"We're none of us George W".

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