Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stocks Climb in a Negative Direction on News of Bush Plan

Wall Street - Reacting to the latest plan proposed by George W Bush, the stock market climbed in a downward direction around 250 points today.

"That's great news," said White House spokesliar, "An increase in the lowering of the Stock Market shows the degree of Wall Street confidence in Bush's plans and abilities."

Bush plan is straightforward. To increase economic activity, he reduces the amount that businesses pay for their share of government services, such as courts, clean water and defense. "My previous efforts to free business from responsibility," Bush explained, "Worked so well, that I want to do it again!"

To get that part of his plan through, Bush has had to compromise. To get support from persons earning up to $100,000, he offers a $800 individual ($1600 if married) loan from future generations.

"The beauty of tax cuts during deficits," explained Mr. Bush, "Is that it's paid for by loans, and the people who'll have to pay back the loans are too young to talk."

Market reaction was swift, with a strong reverse improvement. Future generations were unavailable for comment.

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