Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lawyers for Warriors

"Lawyers for Warriors" is a program for meeting the burgeoning legal needs of our troops, veterans and their families.

Today's wars, regardless of the wisdom or legality of their origin, have given rise to an unprecedented number of legal problems. For example, imagine the impact on families, landlords and employers of repeated callups of Reserve and Guard.

In response, the legal community is producing materials that, while aimed at educating lawyers, may be of interest to all citizens. If you don't know about the law that may help you, that law might as well not exist.

A couple of videos of the "Lawyers for Warriors" I produced at the end of 2007 are now online:

* In The Civil Justice System : SCRA, USERRA, Family Law, etc:

* What Officialdom Can and Can't Do: VA, State and Local efforts, JAG:

* Handouts for the above, along with links to those videos and other information, are here:

Most of the content is federal in nature (e.g. USERRA, SCRA) and thus would apply, in a general way, to any members of the military community that you know, employ or may be; the part that is specific to Washington State might be interesting to other jurisdictions (they've come up with some smart stuff to copy.)

While this is in "talking heads" format (no explosions, no music or animation) it's informative and free.

* More "Lawyers for Warriors" to come...

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