Tuesday, January 15, 2008

King Abdullah Accepts Tribute from Prince Bush

Riyadh - The generous King Abdullah of the Saudi Empire, Lord of All the Earth by Right of Oil, has graciously consented to accept his quarterly tribute from Prince W of America in the form of advanced American weaponry.

"Prince W had offered the traditional pallet of shrink-wrapped $100 bills and controlling shares in American corporations," explained White House spokesmodel Dana Perrino, "But the fall in the dollar made this not pleasing in the King's sight. Soon, American fighter-bombers and heavy ordinance soon put a smile on His Face. And Prince W sealed the deal by promising to block the feeble American Energy Independence Movement."

The value of the tribute was placed at 20 billions of dollars, representing a few weeks of oil dependency.

Reaction was swift. "To balance the Shiite extremists running Iran," explained Secretary of Deference Gates, "We strengthen the Wahhabist extremists who run Saudi Arabia. It's even better than when we gave Stinger missiles to the Taliban. What could possibly go wrong?"

All ordinance will be carefully stamped with the logo "Not For Use Against Israeli or American Forces. Violators Will Lose their Deposits."

The King and his Prince of America were unable for comment. A special beheading had been scheduled to celebrate the occasion.

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