Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Get Your Picture Taken With The President?

Ya know what's odd?

It used to be that a photo of a candidate shaking hands with the President was a plus. Even the Vice-President would do.

But it's real hard to find a picture of my local GOP Congressman, Dave Reichert, even standing next to Bush. Why is that? (... or the Vice-President either.)

It's not like they're not buds. IIRC Cheney's raised a lot of money for Dave, and Dave votes as W commands nearly all the time. So why are they passing up this chance to work some magic together on film?

Let's help them! I'm collecting pictures of GOP candidates shaking hands (...or something...) with W at:

Sending me your photos (...preferably links to photos...) at & I'll post them ASAP.

Just trying to be helpful!

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