Sunday, May 01, 2016

Pergola Raising!

Saturday was the Pergola Raising Party at Marsha and Wendy's. This was a whole lotta fun, basically a day of jointly solving a puzzle and at the end, a nice enhancement for parties! There were about half-a-dozen neighborhood families at work, and it was a fun chance to hang out with something to work on other than just parting. I got thinking about that when Sunday I met someone at the Olympic Sculpture Garden. I had been feeling that I should put myself out there and date or something, it's a normal thing to do and Tinder makes is absurdly easy to meet someone. And the person was nice enough. But I felt zero connection because her interests, beyond work, were amusement and relaxation - she proposed kayaking or something at Alki, which is a nice normal thing to do, and for which I have zero interest. I want to spend my weekends accomplishing something in addition to amusing myself - thus I be amused. Kris was like that, quite a lot, and I never really talked it over with her. I appreciate that there are some, maybe most, people for home the use of their free time is chiefly to amuse and to divert, but I am bored by that, and would much rather be creative in some way. And at this point I can be honest about it, and not waste anyone's time trying to learn to enjoy being on the water or whatever. That's just the way it is. I like my Sunday work with books at the VA and then going to Pegasus bookstore and chatting, and that's both fine and my choice. This I learned from the pleasure of pergola raising!

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