Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wet Wednesday

This morning I awoke to lightning and thunder, which is uncommon. The wind and rain made be glad to be under a good roof, and it didn't hurt that I'd given the trees a long-needed haircut. As it was, when I got outside I saw several small branches  flung down, although perhaps they had been trimmed and just hadn't fallen.
The orange-and-white cat that sometimes harasses my cat at the front window appeared, and I felt some compassion for him outside, but since he was banging on the window bugging the long-haired fluffy one, it was my job to open the door and chase him off. The all-orange one, the more usual malefactor, came by later. It didn't seem like a good time to be outside, but there's plenty of shelter in the neighborhood so I guess they're o.k. - they won't let me approach anyway.
Yesterday I got a note from the IRS about the upcoming job, which was encouraging, and directions what to do if Congress doesn't pass a continuing resolution, which was less. We'll see.
After seeing my doctor earlier this week, I am now trying rauwolfia. It's supposed to be fairly harmless so again we'll see.
I took the evening off dancing to give the limbs a rest, but will go again tomorrow. Sure, I could exercise more intensely, but life is too short - at level 60 - not to enjoy the exercise!

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