Thursday, November 05, 2015

Simplification Thursday: Parting with Pocketless Polo

Pocketless Polo to Pass
Because I habitually carry my cellphone in a breast pocket, shirts with no pocket aren't really useful to me anymore. A nice belt clip works or when I'm dressing formally or doing things, such as carrying furniture, where a breast pockets a bad idea, but for casual use the pocket remains best.
This means my polos with no pocket have no purpose.
I feel like I am impoverishing myself to get rid of something that I bought (even if years ago), but part of feeling comfortable in my adequate prosperity is letting go of the habits of poverty. When I was poor, I had to save everything because I did not know when I might need something, but now that I am prosperous, I can let that go.
It helps that I can pass on the shirts to a thrift store where they will be reused. This gives me a small pleasure that offsets the concern about impoverishment.
The thing that tips the balance toward action is treating November as a month for simplifying my life, in anticipation of my new job starting in December. The job is a great opportunity, but it means that anything I want to keep doing, I'll have to do more efficiently - and that means getting rid of clothing that I don't need.
So goodbye pocketless polo - you were good when I needed you, but I don't anymore. Go to someone else who may need you, and we'll both be better off.

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