Monday, August 31, 2015

Political Memes August 2015

Remembrance of Scandals Past

Kelly asks Cruz how he's going to deport 11 million people,
and he gets angry. #SMH

Conventional wisdom is that the Trump Bump is just typical pre-primary name-recognition silliness,
But Trump has the personal fortune to get the nomination if he feels it is in his interest.
I don't know, but it is a legitimate worry

Of all the stupid attacks on Planned Parenthood,
saying it doesn't serve women has got to be the stupidest.
But some people take this as a challenge.

This is a rework of a Creationist meme,
I enjoy Evolution v. Creationism FB groups for the intellectual stimulation

We need to remember the admitted non-scandals of the past
as a clue to the non-scandals of the present ... and future!

A joke from creation/evolution. Those scientists keep teaching me stuff,
I can at least come back with humor!

Duggar, oh Duggar: can you be real or are you just an invented villain? So vile! So perfect!

I reworked a Hillary-hating meme - with only a small change it is just fine. #Ificedthat

More creation/evolution fun!

My friend Chris Hatton wrote an essay that needed to be made into a picture for those who like to share such things

I fixed the official debate image - it didn't take much! #FixedThatForYa

Attacking Planned Parenthood WTF?

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