Monday, May 18, 2015

Costco HQ and stuff

Monday I went with Cyril and Diane to Costco HQ in Issaquah, for a meeting concerning the Atrium Project. It went very well, largely because of the party's familiarity with and acceptance of Cyril. This gives us confidence in the whole project.
Once home, I was reminded to check on the states of the 501c3 application. I waited on hold for half an hour and then learned there were issues. I really wanted to avoid dealing with this because I should have foreseen this, but instead called Cyril and then Diane, and figured out next steps.
Ironic, considering my last post, that I got a texted request for a growler o' beer from Big Al's. I had really intended not to go there again, explicitly ceding it to Kris via email, but an ask is an ask.
I do think I might drop alcohol, however; I don't need it, and Kris' drinking ruined my marriage.

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