Friday, March 06, 2015

Executive Director of Veterans And Friends of Puget Sound

Making the transition to being a serious, responsible and effective Executive Director of an innovative non-profit is not turning out to be as simple as putting a stamp on an envelope. However I have a good team working with me, and as long as I focus on the needs of the organization and of the people we serve, I can not fail.
The most uncomfortable part ... perhaps the only uncomfortable part ... of the gig is acting the role. Have I been naturally in control of every situation? Certainly not; quite the opposite. 
But it is my job to observe, anticipate, prepare, manage and followup. This I can do, and if part of the job to go beyond wearing the costume and reading the lines, and to actually grow into directing, well, I can do that.
In fact, I have done that.
I suppose it started with the card - no longer reading "Volunteer", but "Executive Director". Symbols are magic!

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